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My teaching covers a wide range of U.S. Literature, with a focus on Nineteenth-Century American Literature and courses at the intersection of the humanities and the sciences. 


At Wake Forest I have offered lower-divison courses, which include "Literary and Scientific Methods: The U.S. Nineteenth Century" and

"Detectives and Detection: U.S. Fiction, 1841-2010." Last year I added an "Introduction to the Environmental Humanities" that focused on "Environmental Destruction," and in Spring 2019 I will offer a new course on "Slave Narratives, Global and Local," which will bring students to Old Salem Museums and Gardens, where they will construct a digital exhibit connected to the "Hidden Town" project. 

I also offer courses on American Literature and theory for majors and MA students. These include a seminar on Melville, an introduction to literary criticism and theory, and a future course for MA students on contemporary theory and method, or debates about "How We Read Now." 


A future first-year seminar on queer theory will be built around a living-learning community.


Descriptions of courses I hope to offer in the future are available at


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